Charter Flight Network

We've Been Promoting The Canadian Air Charter Industry & Generating High Quality Charter Leads Since 2008 . . .

Promoting All Types Of Charter Services . . . . All Across Canada! generates leads from every province and territory throughout Canada - and for all types of charter services including wheels, skis, floats, helicopters, turbines, jets and piston aircraft - so no matter where you are located and what type of service you offer - we know we have the ability to generate quality leads for you.

We Generate The Charter Leads - You Book The Charters! has been generating high quality charter leads and linking new clients with charter airlines across Canada, USA, Bahamas and Caribbean since 2008. We are strictly a charter lead generation service. We send you the lead, you contact the client directly, you book the charters. There is no sales commissions nor brokerage fees payable to us when you book the charter.

You Only Receive Leads That Match Your Service

In order to ensure that we only send you leads that are of high value to your specific charter service - we ask you to complete and submit the "Charter Market Profile Form". This information, which is entered into our data base, tells us exactly the type of charter leads you wish to receive. You only receive leads that match your charter market profile.

Every Lead Must Pass Our Quality Score Test

Not every lead we receive is serious about booking a charter flight. Like any other industry, we receive our share of "tire kickers". Before we send you a lead, it must first pass our Quality Score Test, which determines on a scale of 1 - 10 the likelehood of the lead converting to a revenue charter. If the lead does not acheive a quality score of #6 or more - we will still send you the lead - but there is absolutely no charge. You only pay for leads that match your profile and achieve a quality score of #6 or higher. See details on how we arrive at a quality score.

No Long Term Commitment

Our program has no automatic renewal. Each subscription includes 50 leads that match your profile and have a quality score of #6 or higher. Once you have received all 50 leads and evaluated the results, you will not receive additional leads unless you request another subscription.

No Other Marketing Program Can Offer These Types Of Guarantees
If you advertise in any type of media - print / online / broadcast - you know there are no guarantees. You pay your money and hope for results. How many times have you paid several hundred dollars on an advertising program and only received one or two leads - or maybe nothing at all? And perhaps the leads you did receive were for services you didn't offer?

Our charter lead generation program however, guarantees that you only pay for results - in the form of high quality charter leads that match your profile.