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When You Need To Travel and You Want To Avoid Shoulder To Shoulder Seating on Commercial Airlines, Join The Charter Flight Network And Connect With Hundreds Of Business Travel Members Across Canada and USA, With Similar Travel Needs.

Charter Flight Group Members

Join One Or More Member Groups That Match Your Travel or Vacation Interests

  • The Primary Purpose Of Becoming A Member Of Charter Flight Network Is To Reduce The Cost of Charter Flights By Linking  With Other Members Who Have Similar Travel Profiles and Then Collaborating On Similar Travel Dates And Destinations
  • When You Join One Or More Groups Featured On Ou Members Section You Are Directly Linking To Dozens of Other Members With Similar Travel Interests, Such As Golf Travel, Business Travel, Remote Fishing Trips and More.  
  • This Greatly Enhances The Chances For Members To Identify Opportunities To Share Charter Flights To Similar Business, Vacation or Adventure Destinations.
  • This Feature Is Of Particular Interest To Fishing and Hunting Lodges, Golf and Ski Resorts, Tour Operators, Wildlife Tours, etc.
  • In The Past, Guests May Have Flown Commercial Airlines To Reach These Facilities, But Now With Health Safety Concerns, Many Guests May Be Hesitant Tor Travel On The Airlines.
  • We Are Finding Many Of These Facilities Are Now Taking Advantage of Our Group Networking Feature To Combine Travel Groups On Charter Flights Which Is Especially Beneficial For Groups Originating From The USA
Once You Become A Member, You Have The Option Of Joining One or More Member Groups That Match Your Travel Interests

Here Are Some Of The Networking Groups Featured In Our Membership Section and Are Open To All Members.

Business Travel Network
Business Travel Network

You will find our Business Travel Network Group is one of the most active sessions in our Membership Section. Networking sessions are organized in geographic sub groups so for example if you are looking for flights out of the Toronto area, you won't waste time searching through flight postings for western Canada.

When travel restrictions are lifted on Cross Border Travel We Expect a Huge Serge In Postings For Flights Between Canada and USA. If the volume of postings warrant, we may feature sub categories such as flights to Chicago, Boston, Toronto, Calgary, Seattle. etc.

Mining & Exploration Travel Network
Mining & Exploration Travel Network

We have been promoting the North American Air Charter Industry since 2008 and over that time, we have noticed that many of our mining and exploration clients have very similar travel profiles. For this reason, we have established a specific networking group exclusively for mining and exploration clients.

Vacation Travel Network
Vacation Travel Network

Once resorts begin to reopen we expect a surge in postings for flights to popular vacation destinations both throughout Canada and USA. A private charter flight may be beyond the budget for one or two passengers, but when you have 6 - 8 passengers splitting the cost to the same destination, the cost per person becomes affordable.

Remote Fishing Travel Network
Canadian Fishing Adventures

Our target here are the far north fishing lodges that would be impractical or impossible to reach by driving. These include facilities in almost every province or territory of Canada or USA such as Alaska, BC, Yukon, NWT, Nunavut, Saskaatchewan, Manitoba, Northern Ontario, Nortern Quebec and Labrador.

Guests who previously flew commercial airlines to these locations from the USA typically had to change planes at least twice and in some cases stay overnight in a hotel before reaching their destination.

When groups of guests collaborate on combining flight dates with a private charter flight, not only do they eliminate the health concerns and stress, but they arrive much quicker without the need for plane changes and overnight stays.

Golf Vacation Travel Network
Golf Vacation Network

Many golfers are rethinking their annual golf trip, because of health and safety concerns with crowded airlines. However, by simply posting the intended destination and travel dates on our Golf Vacation Members Group Network, they may find several other golfers willing to travel to the same destination on the same dates and sharing the charter flight costs.

Our Members Golf Group Forum is especially of value to companies and corporations that may want to take key employees or loyal customers on a weekend golf get away.

Polar Bear Adventure Network
Polar Bear Adventure Network

Churchill Manitoba hosts hundreds of visitors every summer for whale and wildlife tours and then in October and November visitors come from around the world to view and film Polar Bears in their natural habitat.

There is rail service to Churchill from Winnipeg, but if your time is limited, flying is the only way to go. If you are eager to take part in a once in a lifetime Churchill Polar Bear Adventure, but are hesitant about spending hours on an airline with shoulder to should seating - you may want to join our Online Churchill Polar Bear Members Group.

With the high volume of visitors going to this destination every year, there is a good chance you can connect with a group that has similar travel dates and is willing to split a charter flight.

There are also numerous opportunities to connect with one of the air charter services that already has flights scheduled up and back from Churchill.

Canadian Arctic Adventure Network
Canadian Arctic Adventures

If you need to travel, Charter Flight Network can demonstrate how you can fly

Ski Vacation Network
Ski Vacation Network

If you need to travel, Charter Flight Network can demonstrate how you can fly

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