Charter Flight Network
Charter Flight Network

Is Our Audience - Your Target Market?
Two Travel Websites With A Well Established Viewing Audience With Frequent and Specific Travel Needs.

#1. Charter Flight Network Has Been Online Over 13 Years And Is The #1 Source Of Air Charter Information Throughout Canada And Is Consistenly Referred To By:

  • The Mining & Exploration Industry
  • Companies That Provide Sales and Service to The Mining Industry
  • Diamond Drill Contractors
  • Hunting & Fishing Groups / Outdoor Recreation and Adventures
  • Remote First Nations Communities

  • Business and Corporate Travellers
  • Government Agencies / Health / Education / Infrastructure / Energy, etc
  • Natural Resource Companies & Agencies
  • Contractors / Construction Industry Bidding On Remote Projects
  • Environmental Consultants

#2. Charter Flights To Adventure Reaches A Broad North American Audience With Precise Targetting Of Highly Affluent Vacation Travellers Seeking Unique Outdoor Experiences

  • Destinations With Exceptional Freshwater Fishing Experiences
  • Coastal Destinations With Exceptional Salt Water Fishing Experiences
  • 3 - 5 Star Resorts and Lodges Suitable For Bringing Clients and Key Employees
  • Polar Bear Photo Tours
  • Whale Watching & Photo Tours

  • Corporate Golf Get Aways / Courses & Resorts
  • Arctic and Sub Arctic Adventure Tours / Photo Opportunities
  • Ski and Heli Ski Adventures
  • Big Game Hunting
  • Unique White Water Adventures
  • Canoe / Kayak Adventures
  • 3 Day Adventures For Anyone With Limited Vacation Time

We Have Individual Marketing Programs Designed For Specific Travel Industry Segments.  
  • Select The Industry Segment That Best Matches The Services You Provide To View A Unique Marketing Opportunity
  • Air Charter Services / Wheel Plane / Float Plane / Helicopter Charters

  • Hotel / Motel Accommodations

  • Fishing & Hunting Lodges / Resorts / Outfitters / Tour Operators / Golf Course & Resorts / All Fishing and Hunting Operations / Other Related Travel / Tourism Services

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