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Providing charter aerial support for business, industry, filming and sightseeing, Helijet is ready to help develop your flight plans. Our pilots and crews are highly experienced with West Coast terrain and conditions, and ready to take off from our bases in Richmond-YVR, Vancouver Harbour, Victoria Harbour, Prince Rupert or Sandspit-Haida Gwaii.

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Sikorsky S76A
Sikorsky S76A

Passengers: 12 / Cabin Volume: 204 cu ft / Baggage Volume: 38 cu ft / Baggage Length: 2.9ft / Baggage Width: 5.8ft / Baggage Height: 2.25ft / Payload (w/full fuel): 1315lbs / Payload (w/ one hour fuel): 2300lbs / Cruise Speed: 248kmh / Max Range (w/Full Fuel): 684km / Fuel Capacity: 1064litres / Endurance: 2.9 hours / Fuel Consumption: 340 litres per hour

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