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Wetaskiwin Regional Airport
Wetaskiwin, Alberta
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Absolute Aviation is a licensed air carrier by Transport Canada and the Canadian Transportation Agency for the following charter services: Air Taxi (people and cargo) Aerial Photography Aerial Surveillance and Inspection Sightseeing Absolute Aviation specializes in providing aircraft platforms for aerial photographers in the Edmonton Region. Charter flights can be taken in: Cessna 172, a single engine aircraft that cruises at about 120 MPH and can seat at maximum 3 passengers. Current Rate is $250 per hour

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Cessna 172M
Cessna 172M

Passengers: 3 Maximum Speed: 109 Knots (202Km/h) Uses: Flight Training, Rental, Aerial Inspection and Patrol, Aerial Photography, Sightseeing, Air Taxi and Hot Shot Charter

Piper Aerostar
Piper Aerostar

A Twin Engine Pressurized aircraft that cruises above most of the weather at about 245 MPH and can seat at maximum 5 passengers (with reduced range) This fast aircraft can have you for example in Kelowna in about 1.5 hours vs about a 15 or more hour drive. Current rate is $3.50 per mile plus fuel and landing fees.

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