Charter Flight Network
Charter Flight Network
The Canadian Travel / Tourism / Air Transportation Industries Are Taking A Beating Due To Covid 19 and Travel Restrictions.

Watch Our Video To Discover How We Are Beating Back With A Marketing Partnership Program Designed to Put Your Company Directly In Front Of An Affluent and Active Canadian Travel Market At The Exact Time They Are Planning Travel To Your Location or Region.

Immediately Target Our Entire Travel Audience

  • Charter Flight Network has been online for over 13 years and has a well established audience made up of mining and exploration companies, business owners and corporate leaders, federal and provincial government agencies, remote first nations communities, hunting and fishing groups, contractors and construction industry, environmental cosultants, affluent individuals and professionals.
  • When you become part of our Network, your sales and marketing message precisely targets clients at the exact time they are searching for travel to your location.

Your Listing Is Included In 3 Highly Effective Marketing Products

  • Destinations - Our Adventure Travel Newsletter

Here Is How To Check Out The Hotel / Motel Listing Opportunities For Your Location

#1. Start By Selecting Your Province Or Territory

Sample Listing If You Operate Hotel or Motel

Sioux Lookout Inn & Suites
Sample Hotel Listing
0000 Sample Street, / Sample City, Canada
P: (555) 555-1212
Your Descriptive Text Goes Here

1.You Receive Total Access To Our Complete Marketing Partnership Program, By Simply Joining Our Network 
  • Listing on 1.
  • Listing On 2.
  • Listing In Destinations - Our Adventure Travel Newsletter

2. You Gain Full Marketing Priveleges With A Monthly or Annual Membership
  • The monthly membership is just $27.50 per month with no long term obligation. You can cancel anytime.
  • Or you can save $35 by paying for a full 12 month membership at $295 plus tax
  • You May Cancel Anytime Without Penalty

3. How To Get Started

  • 1. When You Are Ready To Submit Your Listing Click The Link Below In #5

  • 2. You Will Link To A Secure Site That Will Require You To Sign In With An Email Address and Password.

  • 3.Once Signed In, You Will Then Be Able To Submit Your Listing Complete With Image.

  • 4. After Submitting Your Listing, You Will Link to A Secure Payment Option Page

  • 5. Go To Submit Listing - This Will Take You To A Secure Log In Page. You Will Be Asked To Sign In With An Email Address and Password To Ensure Security Of Your Contact and Network Membership Information.

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