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This Feature Is Included In The Basic Marketing Program and Allows You To Receive Unlimited High Quality Charter Leads Sent Direct To Your Email

There Are Over 1000 Target Destination Pages On Our Website and Each One Features A Charter Quote Request Form

  • We Give Clients A Choice - There are over 1000 Target Destination Pages on our website and each page features the Air Charter Directory as well as a Charter Quote Request Form. When a client needs a charter quote he can either click your link in the Air Charter Directory and request a quote directly from you OR the client can complete and submit our no obligation Charter Quote Request Form.

  • Who Receives The Charter Quote Request - The Lead Generation Program is included at no additional cost. So when you become part of our Marketing Program, we ask you to complete our Charter Market Profile form. This tells us the types of aircraft you operate, your operations base(s), your target markets, your operational area, etc. This is entered into our data base. When we receive a charter quote request that matches your Charter Market Profile - you receive the inquiry. If more than one company has a matching Charter Market Profile - the inquiry will be sent to a maximum of three charter services who have subscribed to our lead generation service. This service is very convenient for clients who wish to receive competitive quotes without having to research multiple charter services.

  • Not The Same As Your Feature Page - Your feature page also contains a Charter Quote Request form. There is also no charge to receive quotes that come from your feature page. These inquiries are sent exclusively to the Featured Charter Service and not shared with other charter services.

  • You Deal Direct With The Client - We send you charter quote requests complete with all contact information. You send your quotes directly to the client. You make all arrangements for schedules and payments directly with the client. There are no brokerage fees nor commissions payable. We are not charter brokers.

  • No Limit To Inquiries - As long as you remain subscribed to our Charter Marketing Program, we will continue to send you charter quote requests which match your Charter Market Profile. There are not limits to the number of inquiries we send you.

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