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Mining and Exploration Members Travel Group

Mining Travel Group

When You Need To Travel and You Want To Avoid Shoulder To Shoulder Seating on Commercial Airlines, Join The Charter Flight Network And Connect With Hundreds Of Business Travel Members Across Canada and USA, With Similar Travel Needs.

Northern Ontario Charter Flights

The Covid 19 Health Crisis Has Changed The Way Everyone Travels.  Charter Flight Network Is Making Air Travel Safer and Cheaper

  • We have added a Social Networking Feature To Our Website and Made It Free For Anyone to join who needs to travel and wants to avoid airport terminals and crowded airline flights.

  • In addition to the general membership, members can also participate in one or more travel groups that may be specific to their travel needs.... in this case the Mining and Exploration Industry.

  • Members can monitor posts from charter airlines and other members detailing upcoming flight opportunities that are available as a one way or split charter at exceptional savings.

  • When you see an available charter flight that matches your travel dates and destination, simply respond to the post and determine if the cost and flight times work to your advantage.

  • Booking and payments are made directly with the charter airline

  • As a member, you can post your own flight requirements through the general forum as well as your specific Travel Group. If you wish, you can post anonymously with a screen name making it easier for you to ignore responses to your post from members you prefer not to travel with.

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About Us is not a charter service provider. We do not own nor operate any aircraft. All charter quotes are generated by our charter network partners and forwarded directly to you for review. Should you decide to book a charter flight, you book directly with the charter network partner of your choice and all flight arrangements and payments are made directly with the airline.