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Direct Flights To Nunavut From Toronto / Thunder Bay / Chicago As Well As Multiple US Cities

Direct Charter Flights To Nunavut and Canadian Arctic Adventures. Polar Bears / Narwhals / Arctic Char Fishing

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Wheel Plane / Float Plane Or Helicopter Charter Aircraft

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Wheel Plane Charter Flights

Charter Flights to Nunavut

Nunavut Helicopter Charters

Nunavut Helicopter Charters

Nunavut Float Plane

Nunavut Float Plane Charters

Wheel Plane Charter Flights
You can arrange wheel plane charter flights to over 30 airports located across Nunavut. Many of these airports are accessible by high performance turbine aircraft such as the King Air or large passenger jets with a capacity of 30 - over 100 passengers. Some airports however, may only be accessible to smaller or specialized aircraft types such as single engine aircraft or the Twin Otter. Determine where you need to go and then check with the air charter service to confirm accessibility.

Helicopter Charter Flights
Helicopter Charter Flights Helicopter charter flights are a very specialized service designed to transport crews and equipment into remote regions of Nunavut not accessible by road or scheduled airlines. If you have a project that requires helicopter support, refer to our helicopter charter links on the map below for locations and quote request. Click this icon on the map below for links to sport fishing destinations

Float Plane Charter Flights
Nunavut is a vast region located in Northern Canada and borders NWT to the west and Manitoba and a corner of Saskatchewan to the south. Many communities have modern airport facilities, but float planes are still necessary when it comes to remote fishing trips or mineral exploration expeditions. There is only one float plane operator in Nunavut which is based in Baker Lake.

Group Charter Flights
Nunavut may not be Canada's top destination for corporate meetings nor trade show events, however there is still plenty of group travel to many of the remote communities of this vast region, such as Government workers, mining and exploration companies, sports teams, etc. Although there are several scheduled airlines serving many communities, depending on the size of your group and your departure point, you may find that a dedicated group charter is more convenient, more cost efficient and less hassle than scheduled airlines. To determine your costs, simply complete and submit the no obligation charter quote request form on the right and you will receive 1 - 3 competitive quotes.

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Visit Nunavut For Spectacular Canadian Arctic Adventures & Wildlife Viewing
Many corporations that regularly take clients and key employees on short incentive getaways have discovered that an Arctic Air Tour with direct flights from Toronto, Winnipeg and Chicago is one of the best investments in corporate incentive travel. The awe inspiring beauty and majesty of Nunavut ensures that anyone who takes this trip returns with a lifetime of memories and entirely new perspective life's priorities!
Nunavut flights to Adventure

Nunavut Adventure Trips

Nunavut is a spectacular land, full of new and exciting opportunities to experience outdoor adventure like never before. We work closely with dozens of professional guide and outfitting services who will provide you with a never to be forgotten Canadian Arctic Experience viewing and photographing polar bears, beluga whales, seals and the rarest of them all the Narwhal. You have your choise of spending 5, 7 or 10 days in a remote Inuit community in Canada's high Arctic - or you can book your seat on the Arctic Air Tour Charter Flight that takes you to multiple Arctic destinations throughout Nunavut, allowing you to experience a new adventure each and every day and learn first hand about the Inuit culture and history as your Arctic Air Tour Charter Flight visits multiple communities.

Flights To Nunavut Adventures

Multiple Departure Cities

Yes, you can find excellent scheduled airline service to many of the remote communities that make up Nunavut. However, like scheduled airline service anywhere - it has its limitations. If you are on a very strict timetable and need to visit multiple communities in a short period of time, or need to reach an area not serviced by scheduled airlines, - then you need to consider a dedicated charter service to handle your travel needs. You can arrange direct Charter Flights To Nunavut from Winnipeg, Yellowknife, Thunder Bay, Sudbury, Ottawa or Toronto. If your coming from the USA, there are also direct flights to Nunavut from Chicago. Just complete and submit the no obligation charter quote on the right and we will make sure you receive a selection of charter options to choose from.

Nunavut Arctic Char Fishing

Arctic Char Fishing

When you plan a week long fishing trip to Nunavut in Northern Canada, you are in store for an adventure and experience not soon to be forgotten. This is a land that is truly beyond the realms of roads, highways and modern civilization. A land of pristine rivers, lakes and coastal waters teeming with Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Arctic Char and Grayling. Along with the exceptional fishing, you will enjoy warm and friendly hospitality and comfortable northern accommodations. You can also take time to enjoy the regions many sights and attractions such as bird and nature watching, dog sledding, camping and hiking and just enjoying the history and culture of this amazing land. Scroll down to our interactive map for locations, travel details and links to lodges, outfitters and services.

Are You Searching For A Once In A Lifetime Canadian Arctic Adventure? Discover Our 7 - 10 Day Arctic Air Tour

The red dots on the map below represent the major communities throughout the Nunavut Region. Each of these communities has an airport making them accessible to our Arctic Air Tour. The primary destinations however can be found along the coastline of Hudson Bay and throughout Baffin Island and include such communities as Churchill, Rankin Inlet, Coral Harbour, Arctic Bay, Pond Inlet, Clyde River, Pangnirtung, Cape Dorset and Iqaluit.

Visit Multiple Remote Inuit Arctic Communities Throughout Nunavut

With Over 30 Inuit Communities With Airports Located Throughout Nunavut's Arctic Region - Why Only Visit One Or Two?

Here is your opportunity to enjoy the most complete Canadian Arctic Tour like very few people have ever experienced.

Your Arctic Tour Charter Flight offers departures from several Canadian Cities including Toronto and Thunder Bay as well as a USA departure from Chicago.

Depending on the available routing for a particular tour, on the first day you may fly direct to the Chuchill Manitoba - The Polar Bear Capital of The World. Spend a day or two viewing polar bears and beluga whales.

On the 2nd or 3rd day fly along the western coast line of Hudson Bay to Rankin Inlet or further north to Naujaat. In either community to will experience Inuit Culture, genuine Inuit Art and Carvings. Perhaps take a whale tour or spot polar bears.

Your next leg of your journey takes you on a flight to the far northwestern tip of Baffin Island and the very picturesque community of Arctic Bay. As an alternate destination flights may also land in Pond Inlet. Depending on the time of year, you may take excursions to the floe edge to encounter Narwhals, Whales, Seals and Polar Bears. You might take boat tours and explore the fascinating and rugged coastlines and visit abandoned communities from another century.

After a day or two in Arctic Bay or Pond Inlet you will fly south to Cape Dorset considered as the epi center of Inuit Art and Carvings. It will be an exciting day visiting the art gallery and witness artisans hard at work creating original prints, paintings and carvings.

You will next fly direct to Iqaluit where you can spend a day or two exploring the region, taking boat tours, dog sledding or fishing for grayling - depending on the time of year.

On the final day you will depart Iqaluit and begin the return flight back to civilization.

Nunavut Charter Flights

You Can Begin Your Canadian Arctic Adventure In The USA - With Direct Flights To Iqaluit From Chicago.
NunavutCharter Flights

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