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How To Complete Your Free Listing
  • 1. Check Your Location:Link To The Canadian Air Charter Directory. Search For Your Listing And Determine If We have you listed in the correct location.
  • All charter companies are listed geographically, based the head office location as registered with Transport Canada. If this is not your actual operations base location, we will change it based on the information your provide below.
  • Submit descriptive text - maximum 120 characters
  • We will include your website address, however with a Free Listing it will not be hyperlinked to your site.
  • Your listing will remain online until you cancel it
  • You may request changes to your listing at anytime
  • You can upgrade to a paid listing with higher visibility at anytime
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Can't Find Your Listing?
All listings in our directory are based on Charter Airlines licenced under CAR 703 - Air Taxi Operations. If you operate under a different licence category, but still offer on demand air charter services, we will still gladly list your services. Simply complete and submit the form below.

Submit Details For Your Free Listing In The Canadian Air Charter Directory

Our Free Listing Is Available To All Types Of Aircraft Charter Services In Every Province and Territory of Canada
Once You Are Satisfied You Have Completed All Inforamtion Correctly, Please Submit And We Will Have Your Revised Listing Online Within 24 Hours.
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