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Your Free Listing In The Canadian Air Charter Directory Reaches Primary Air Charter Markets Across Canada and USA

Here Are The Target Markets Who Receive Links & Updates To The Canadian Air Charter Directory
In Our 15 Years Online We Have Built Up A Highly Qualified Opt In Email Data Base Of Over 50,000 Companies and Individuals Who Have Submitted Requests For Air Charter Information.   These Include:
  • Business Travellers Within Canada & USA
  • Mining and Explroation Companies
  • Mine Parts and Service Industry
  • Remote First Nations Communities
  • Fly-In Fishing Groups
  • Tourism Industry Stakeholders Across Canada
  • Vacation Travellers
  • Golf Vacation Travel Groups
  • Remote Cottage & Camp Owners
  • Construction and Engineering Companies
  • Environmental Companies
  • Government Agencies
  • Meetings/ Seminars / Group Travel Planners
  • Companies With Remote Crew Rotations
  • Wildlife Viewing Enthusiasts (Whales, Polar Bears, etc.)
  • Canadian Arctic Adventure Trips
  • Big Game Hunters
  • Priority Air Cargo Shippers
  • Anyone Who Wants To Avoid Commercial Air Travel

Here Is What Is Included In Your Free Directory Lisstin
  • Your company name in Bold Face Type
  • Location of your main base of operation
  • Your phone numbers - up to two numbers allowed 
  • Location of main base, plus any satellite bases 
  • List of Aircraft in your fleet 
  • Service Type: (Wheels / Floats / Skiis / Helicopter)

Here Is An Example Of A Free Directory Listing
DB Air
Burlington, Ontario
P: (905) 381-0266
Base Locations: Burlington Executive Airport
Aircraft Types: Piper Navajo
Service Type: Wheels

Check To Ensure We Have You Listed And Your Listing Is Correct

1. The Canadian Air Charter Directory Is Made Up Of Individual Air Charter Directories For Every Province and Territory of Canada

To check to see if we have you listed or if there are any errors or omissiong that require correction:

Click the province or territory of your main base of operations

2. Each Provincial / Territorial Directory Is Made Up Of An Alphabetical Listing Of Citites / Towns / Locations Where An Air Charter Service Is Located.

After linking to your province or territory, scroll the alphabetical listing of cities / towns and link to your location. Confirm we have you listed in the correct location

3. Review Your Listing For Errors or Missing Information

Refer to our outline above, of what is included in a Free Basic Listing. If there is missing information or errors please use the link below for instructions on how to submit additional information or corrections.

4. Submitting Corrections or Additions:

We offer 2 options for requesting corrections or additions:

(1) Phone  or Email Us:  If you require a simple change such as contact information, location or aircraft fleet details  for example, the quickest way to make a change is by either calling us at (807) 472-1955 (8 am - 9 pm eastern) or sending an email to phil@charterflightnetwork.com

(2) If you are submitting an entirely new listing, you will need to log on to our submission form to complete all details for your new listing.

Because This Form Requires You To Provide Your Contact And Company Information, You Will First Be Asked To Sign In To Our Secure Server, Using A Username (email) And A Password. This Will Ensure All Your Contact Information Remains Secure - Link To Our Submission Form

You Can Increase Your Listing's Visibility & Effectiveness With A Paid Premium Listing Upgrade Which Includes An Image and A Direct Link To Your Website

There Are Several Additional  Features Included With A Premium  Listing

#1 - A Premium Listing Includes A Feature Image, A Direct Link To Your Website, Plus a 2nd Feature Listing

Your Premium Listing Includes:
  • Your company name in Bold Face Type
  • Your City or Town
  • Your phone numbers - up to two numbers allowed 
  • Location of main base, plus any satellite bases 
  • List of aircraft in your fleet 
  • Service Type: (Wheels / Floats / Skiis / Helicopter)
  • Feature Photo Image
  • Direct Link To Your Website
  • Premium Listing In Maximum Of 2 Locations. You will be listed under your main base of operation, plus any secodary location you choose.  May be another province or territory.

Premium Listing
Total Cost For 12 Month Premium Listing = $125 + tax
You may also receive unlimited charter quote requests through our Charter Quote Request Service. There is no additional charge for this service when you upgrade prior to April 30th 2023. See details below. . . .

Example Of A Paid Premium Listing
Glassy Bay Outfitters
Glassy Bay Outfitters
Elliot Lake On P0R 1B0
P:705 323 7005
Base Locations: Elliot Lake
Aircraft Types: DeHavilland Beaver
Service Type: Floats


#2 - Upgrade To A Premium Listing Before April 30th 2023 And You May Opt In To Our Charter Quote Request Service At No Additional Charge

For The Next 12 Months Receive Unlimited Charter Quote Requests Generated Through Our Website, That Match Your Operational and Charter Market Profile

Charter Flight Network Has Been Promoting The Canadian Air Charter Industry & Generating High Quality Charter Quote Requests For Charter Companies Across Canada Since 2008
Glassy Bay Outfitters
Charter Flight Network Generates 30 - 50 Quality Charter Quote Requests From Every Province & Territory of Canada Each and Every Day
  • When you upgrade from a Free to a Paid Premium Listing before April 30th, you may opt in to our Charter Quote Request Service at no additional charge.
  • When we receive a request that matches your operational and charter market profile, we send you the request 
  • You prepare and submit a quote
  • If the client accepts your quote, you deal directly with the client to finalize scheduling, names and payment.
  • There is no limit to the number of Charter Quote Requests we send you 

We Only Send You Charter Quote Requests That Match Your Operational & Charter Market Profile

When you opt in to our Charter Quote Request Service, you will be asked to complete and submit our Charter Market Profile form. This will provide us with all the information we require to determine which Charter Quote Requests best match the services you offer.

Charter Quote Requests
Our Charter Quote Request Form requires clients to provide their name and contact information / departure point and destination / number of passengers and dates of travel.

You Prepare & Submit A Charter Quote
When you receive a charter quote request through our service, you prepare and submit a price quote

You Deal Directly With The Client
If the client accepts your quote, you deal directly with the client to confirm and finalize all details, scheduling, names and payment.

Clients Pay You Directly
When clients are ready to confirm their charter, they always pay you directly. Charter Flight Network never collects funds from charter clients.

The Following Canadian Air Charter Companies Are On Distribution List To Receive Unlimited Our Charter Quote Requests
  • Airco - Edmonton
  • North Cariboo Air - Calgary / Edmonton
  • Adventure Air - Grande Prairie
British Columbia
  • Babin Air - Cranbrook
  • BC Air - Campbell River
  • Fast Air - Abbotsford
  • Guardian Aerospace - Prince George
  • Liard Air - Pitt Meadows / Muncho Lake
  • Nautilus Air - Boundary Bay
  • Streak Air - Kamloops
  • Upper Valley Air - Chilliwack
  • Amik Air - St Andrews
  • Eagle Air Enterprises - St Andrews
  • Fast Air - Winnipeg
  • North Star Air - Thompson
  • Trade North Aviation - St Andrews
New Brunswick
  • Atlantic Air Charters - Grand Manan
Nova Scotia
  • Ax Air Aviation - Port Hawkesbury
  • Breton Air - Sydney
  • Panorama Airlines - Iqaluit
  • Air Bravo - Thunder Bay / Sudbury
  • Fast Air - Toronto
  • Glassy Bay Outfitters - Elliot Lake
  • Lakehead Airways - Thunder Bay
  • North Star Air - Thunder Bay
  • Owen Sound Flight Services - Owen sound
  • Sandy Lake Seaplanes - Sandy Lake
  • Chrono Aviation - Quebec City
  • Panorama Airways - Alma / St Hubert

How To Upgrade To A Paid Premium Listing

Upgrade To A Premium Listing

There is no charge for a Basic Listing as described above. If however you would like to upgrade to a Premium Listing we will dramatically increase your visibility on the page with a photo image and provide a direct link to your website. In addition, if you operate from more than one location, you can request one additional feature listing for the location of your choice. May be in another province or territory.

Cost of Premium Listing:
$125.00 plus tax for 12 month feature listing in the Provincial / Territorial  Air Charter Directory of your choice.

When you upgrade to a Premium Listing, you have the option of opting in to our Charter Quote Request Service at no additional charge.

Here Is How To Upgrade To A Premium Listing

If you would like to increase your visibility in the directory / receive 2 Premium Listings / allow clients to link directly to your website from the directoy -  all for about $10 per month, here is how to get started

Get Started
  • **Because You Will Be Submitting Your Contact And Payment  Information, When You Click "GET STARTED" You Will Be Asked To Sign In To Our Secure Server, Using A Username (email) And A Password. This Will Ensure All Your Contact Information Remains Secure

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