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About Sudbury Ontario

If You Are In The Mining Or Mine Service Industry And You Need To Send Parts and/or Personnel From Sudbury or Toronto To Destinations Throughout Northern Ontario / Nunavut / Quebec and Labrador - Charter Flight Network Can Provide You With The Quickest and Most Convenient Travel Options

The simplest and most convenient way for searching for your most ideal travel option is to search our Ontario Air Charter Directory and discover a selection of charter services located throughout the Sudbury / Timmins / Kirkland Lake and Western Quebec region.

The Following Aircraft Types Are Available For Charter Flights To Sudbury Through Our Network

Barrie Charter Flights

The Sudbury Airport is a major transportation hub in Northern Ontario. The airport is a gateway to many of the remote communities toi the north. Search our Ontario Air Charter Directory for links toall wheel plane air charter services in the Sudbury region.

 Sudbury Float Plane Charter Flights

Float plane charter services are also available throughout the Sudbury area. If you are looking for a fly-in fishing trip or you need to send supplies into a remote exploration camp you will find float plane charters listed in our Ontario Air Charter Directory

 Sudbury Helicopter Flights

The Sudbury region is headquarters for several Helicopter Charter companies who serve dozens of mining, exploration and natural resource projects throuhgout the area. Search the Ontario Air Charter Directory for links to Helicopter Charters in the area.

Canadian Air Charter Directory

Search The Canadian Air Charter Directory Listing Every Wheel Plane / Float Plane and Helicopter Air Charter Company Operating In Every Province & Territory Throughout Canada.

This Page Features Air Charter Services In The Sudbury Ontario Region

Air Bravo Charter Flights
Sudbury Aviation Limited
P.O. Box 340
Azilda, ON P0M 1B0
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Charter Flights To Sudbury

Numerous Companies Who Provide Sales and Services To The Mining Industry Throughout Northern Ontario / Nunavut / Quebec and Labrador Have Discovered That Booking A Dedicated Charter Flight From Sudbury Direct To Their Destination Saves Them Both Time and Money

  • Charter Flights From Sudbury to Voisey's Bay Average Flight Time 4 Hours 20 Minutes

    Current scheduled airline flight times using Air Canada as an example show total travel time from Sudbury to Goose Bay as between 8 - 12 hours. Assume an overnight will be required in Goose Bay as the flight arrives at 7 pm. The next day yoou would take an early morning 1 hour flight from Goose Bay up to Voisey's Bay for a total travel time of between 18 - 24 hours from departure in Sudbury.

  • Charter Flights From Sudbury to Marathon / Wawa / Hornepayne Region Average Flight Time 1 hour 15 minutes

    If you need to travel to the Marathon / White River area along the north shore of Lake Superior, there are no scheduled flight options. You can fly commercial to Thunder Bay and take a rental car. Drive time to the Marathon / White River area from Thunder Bay averages 4 hours. Plus your flight time from Sudbury to Thunder Bay which will average 4.5 hours of travel time with a plane change required in Toronto. If you choose to drive from Sudbury the average drive time to the Marathon / White River area is 9 hours

  • Charter Flights From Sudbury To Val d'or - Average Flight Time 45 Minutes

    If you wish to fly commercial airlines from Sudbury to Val d'or it will require 2 - 3 stops with plane changes in Toronto and Montreal for a total travel time of 7 - 12 hours. Drive time from Sudbury to Val d'or averages 6.5 - 7 hours.

Charter Flights To Sudbury Ontario
  • Sudbury Charter Flights to Fort Frances / Rainy River Ontario - Averge Flight Time Of 2.5 Hours

    The only two practical travel options from Sudbury to the Fort Frances area are scheduled flights and a direct charter. You can fly Air Canada or Porter from Sudbury to Thunder Bay via Toronto. This flight has a travel time of between 4 - 4.5 hours. Once in Thunder Bay, you can connect with a direct charter flight to Fort Frances. If you wish to avoid the scheduled flight from Sudbury with a plane change in Toronto, you can also request a direct charter flight from Sudbury to Fort Frances. Use the links on this page to request a no obligation charter quote for either travel scenario.

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